FUEA Executive Meeting

May 10, 2012


President James Milleropened the meeting at 4:15in his room at the new RushvilleMiddle School. James announced that the end of the year meeting will be on June 1st on the teachers work day at8:30 a.m. in the High School Auditorium. 


OEA is planning a “one time” emergency dues increase of $22.00 for next year to get a redistricting constitutional amendment put on the ballot.  This means that the additional $52.00 that was added this past year (for SB 5) will be dropped to $22.00.  James will discuss this issue with the membership on the closing day meeting.  Other issues President James will discuss at the closing meeting will be officers for next year as will as up coming negotiations. 


An update on the FUEA golf outing was discussed.  To date there are 8 teams entered for the event.  They are hoping for at least 10 teams by the event date of June 2nd.  James will also send a flier to the elementary schools as well as Rushville to distribute to the students. 


President James read the treasures report sent by Tim Forgrave. 

A current balance to date of $3622.23 was reported to the team. 


Information was given to the executive team about the Scholarship fund.  See handout #2 for additional information.  The three winners for this school year have already been announced and an article will be placed in the Town Crier and Eagle Gazette.


 Suzanne Stewartreported information on the Bullying Program the school district will be adopting.  We may need to take a look to see if additional time will be required outside the regular school day in order to achieve the goals set by the administration. 


A need was expressed for the members of the union to start once again to attend the School Board meetings on a regular basis.  James will provide a schedule for members to sign up.  EVERY member is encouraged to attend at least one meeting. 


A motion to adjourn was made by Abby Jacksonand 2nd byLori Byers at5:00 to close the meeting.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lisa Ruff

FUEA Secretary